Project Quick Facts

Location Near Bedford, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
Technology 56 Nordex 2.4MW Wind Turbines
Size 134 MW
PPA 20 year government supported PPA with Eskom
Local Community Shareholding 5%
RE IPP Status Round 2 Preferred Bidder
Technology Type Onshore Wind

Project Overview

The Amakhala Emoyeni Wind Farm project is a 134 MW installed capacity wind farm located near the town of Bedford in the Eastern Cape. It has an excellent wind resource and close proximity to infrastructure, most importantly the national electricity supply grid.

Fifty-six turbines, each with a 91 m hub height and 2.4 MW capacity are being supplied and installed on site by German wind turbine manufacturer Nordex.

Exxaro purchased the rights to the project from Windlab in 2011, before the launch of Cennergi. Cennergi then submitted the project in Window 2 of the REIPPPP on 5th March 2012.

The Amakhala Emoyeni project site comprises five commercial farms, and Cennergi has long-term lease agreements with each of the landowners of the farms, many of whom are fourth and fifth generation farmers who descended from the 1820 settlers. The project will only be using 2% of the available land – the rest will be utilised for grazing.

Cennergi owns 95% of the project and the rights to the project, whilst the Cookhouse Community Trust owns 2.5% and the Bedford Community Trust owns the other 2,5%.

Cennergi achieved financial close of the project at the end of May 2013 and construction commenced on the 4th June 2014. The project’s operational date is anticipated to be June 2016.

Key Project Benefits

  • Clean, zero-emission wind energy in South Africa
  • 5% Community Shareholding
  • Long term Enterprise and Socio-Economic Development investments

Environmental Authorisation
The Environmental Authorisation for this portion of the project was issued on the 28 August 2012. A detailed Environmental Management Programme (“EMPr”) has been compiled for the construction, operation and decommissioning phases.

In complying with the Environmental Impact Assessment of the project, Cennergi has taken care to ensure a limited impact on the bird and bat life on the farms.

Environmental Impact Assessment Process (PDF 5,9MB)
Environmental Management Plan (PDF 780KB)

Project Milestones

Preferred Bidder May 2012
Financial Close May 2013
Site Establishment June 2014
Completion of WTG Foundations May 2015
Receipt of 1st set of WTG’s at SA Port: 23 Apr 2015
Installation of 1st WTG on Site: 01 June 2015
Eskom Grid Connection Date 25 Nov 2015
Commercial Operation Date: 28 July 2016