As part of the REIPPPP bidding process, both Amakhala Emoyeni (AE01) and Tsitsikamma Community Wind Farm (TCWF) committed to spending 2.1% of their revenue on Socio-economic development programme (SED) and Enterprise Development programme (EnD) in communities located within 50km radius of the wind farms. 

Community Trust

In its effort to ensure transparency and community participation, Cennergi founded the Amakhala Emoyeni Community Fund Trust (AECFT) and Tsitsikamma Wind Farm Trust (TWFT) to disburse and manage the 2.1% SED and EnD funds on behalf of the Amakhala Emoyeni (AE01) and Tsitsikamma Community Wind Farm (TCWF).

Both Trusts are  governed by a Board of Trustees (the Board) in terms of the operational framework prescribed in its Trust Deed. The Board of Trustees are ultimately responsible for governing the Trust and to drive the socio-economic development and enterprise development programme in the communities located within 50km radius of the wind farms.

The Trust is established as a Section 30 Public Benefit Organisation (“PBO”) which offers the most tax  efficient way to meet the requirements of all the project documents.  The AECFT Board comprises of six (6) trustees and the  TWFT board comprise of four (4) trustees. All Trustees, (except the Founder representative) were nominated by their respective communities.

Focus Areas

The Amakhala Trust and Tsitsikamma Trust have undergone stakeholder engagement and reviewed the AMANO Economic Development Plan so as to consider the most crucial local needs, assets and opportunities as part of the SED strategy development.

Both Amakhala Emoyeni Community Fund Trust and Tsitsikamma Wind Farm Trust have identified five Focus areas, as captured in its Socio-Economic Development (SED) Strategy, to enable its vision and objectives. Project funding will be awarded to initiatives aligned with these categories:

  • Education and Skills Development;
  • Job creation and Economic Diversification;
  • Healthcare and Welfare;
  • Safety and Security; and
  • Discretionary Funding intended to respond to pressing developmental needs identified in line with the Trust’s objectives.
Our Education and Skills Development goal is:

Educating the youth in the communities to realise their full potential and become economically active through the following programmes: Infrastructure support; filling teachers post; Psycho- social support;  Career guidance; Technical and skills development  training; Bursaries programme; Training for SMMEs; and Agricultural training

Our Job creation and Economic Diversification goal is:

Building a vibrant local economy , enabling people to work and  be prosperous through linkages of SMME infrastructure  to SED projects, help SMMEs  to find wok in exiting markets and economic growth stimulation

Our Healthcare and Welfare goal is:

To have capable, caring and harmonious communities through health care provision, peer support group and health care support projects, infrastructure upgrades, housing, community sports (new facilities, upgrades), and support welfare programmes

Our Safety and Security goal is:

Functioning and safe neighbourhoods through provision of streetlights, working with SAPS and local community forums, and community safety programmes

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