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A renewable energy power producer creating bespoke renewable solutions to power the future

Sustainable Solutions That Make a Difference

At Cennergi, we believe that by opening possibilities in renewable energy, we can create new opportunities for our clients, communities, and stakeholders. Through innovation and the application of our extensive experience, we create cleaner energy and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Cennergi Sustainable Solutions

Our Identity & Values

Cennergi is a locally-owned, Level 2 B-BBEE, proudly South African renewable energy company. We started in 2009, borne of a uniquely South African context, and have grown to be one of the largest renewable energy companies in South Africa, developing some of the most innovative and largest private off-take renewable energy projects on the continent. What began as a novel idea to explore renewables, has grown to be something significant that can effect change in South Africa and the broader global community.

Cennergi’s values:

empowering growth

Empowered to Grow & Contribute

We encourage professional growth and proactive decision making that delivers results for our clients, communities, and stakeholders.
empowering growth


We’re stronger together because we can accomplish more. We celebrate the depth and diversity of experience in our workplace.
empowering growth

Committed to excellence

From optimised performance to safe and sustainable working environments, we aim for excellence in everything we do.
empowering growth

Honest responsibility

We are accountable and always conduct ourselves professionally. Acting against misconduct and treating others with dignity forms part of our core beliefs.
Cennergi renewable energy

We develop partnerships that empower the businesses and communities of South Africa, Africa, and beyond.

Cennergi renewable energy

We are the catalyst that drives progressive change for real purpose.


We believe that by opening possibility, we can create renewable opportunities for all — through the discovery of solutions that are sustainable and impactful for society.

Our vision entails pursuing the goal of being a leading international renewable energy solutions provider by 2030. 


Cennergi’s mission is to build on our existing renewable assets and competencies in South Africa, while providing renewable energy solutions to the private and public sectors locally, and in select global markets.

Our core focus is to operate as a renewable energy business that promotes a transition to a carbon neutral future. We aim to leverage our unique networks and skill sets to deliver sustainable growth for our clients and communities.

Solar Panels


Strategic Pillars

Cennergi utility generation

Utility Generation:

providing energy to national or regional utilities.

Cennergi distributed generation

Distributed Generation:

bespoke large-scale solutions providing renewable energy directly to customers based on their needs.

Cennergi services


innovative services adding value to a customer’s renewable energy experience.


We anticipate adding up to 1.6 GW of net generating capacity by 2030.
Cennergi Approach

Our Capabilities

We develop, finance, build, own, and operate renewable energy solutions for utility, mining and industrial clients. We engage and partner with clients to identify their needs and develop renewable energy solutions. Our Services subsidiary provides comprehensive third-party asset management services.

We are uniquely positioned to make an impact through our history with Eskom, our mining experience through Exxaro, and our established government relationships as a member of both the Minerals and Energy Councils of South Africa.

Our Approach

Our unique and forward-thinking approach to renewable energy has contributed to our outstanding reputation in the industry.


We solve for the real needs of customers through cost reduction, carbon reduction, and energy security.

We develop, finance, build, own, and operate RE solutions to create the greatest savings for customers in wind, solar PV, storage, and hybrid solutions.

We contribute to the upliftment of communities surrounding our operations by carefully implementing initiatives that contribute to socioeconomic and educational development.


We enter partnerships and develop skills to further our competencies and impact.

We innovate, push boundaries and drive performance.
Cennergi renewable energy

We engage and partner with clients to identify their needs and develop renewable energy solutions.

The Cennergi Value Proposition

As pioneering experts in renewable energy, Cennergi is equipped to deliver exceptional results across the full IPP value chain.

Cennergi Value Proposition

A History of Harnessing Potential in Renewables

Since its inception, Cennergi has made consistent strides in the renewable energy sector. As we continue our progress, we remember the milestones we’ve achieved along the way.

Cennergi Timeline

Energised Thinking That Powers the Industry

Cennergi understands the essential role that innovation plays in the renewable energy sector. One of our own groundbreaking innovations is the Renewable energy Risk & Opportunity Domain Analysis, otherwise known as RRODA. This proprietary algorithmic assessment tool uses above and below ground data to identify, screen and select a location that will maximise your energy yield, and your dividends, sustainably. When combined with our vast above and below ground mining datasets, our selection criteria allow us to provide the greatest savings to the largest operations.
RRODA provides an overview of your land, creating a digital terrain model that allows us to immediately calculate the levelised cost of electricity, down to a single pixel. Our five-step process takes every possible consideration into account, including environmental conditions and local wildlife.

Cennergi is forging ahead into a new era of renewable energy development for our country, our continent, and the world.”

Generating a brighter future

Cennergi is equipped with the expertise to manage the functional and operations management of an IPP across its entire lifecycle. Our streamlined solutions and innovative tracking tools enable quick decision making that makes the difference.

B-BBEE Recognition

As a proudly South African company, Cennergi is committed to transformation. All Cennergi subsidiaries are B-BBEE Level 2 certified, as included in Exxaro Resources Ltd’s certification.